Printmaking at the Edge

I’m honored to be selected as part of The Art Center‘s Printmaking at the Edge exhibition, featuring printmakers from around the globe.

The work that was selected is an abstract piece called, “No Naps. Night Wandering.” You can read a review of the exhibition and more from curator Sally Dion here.

No Naps/Night Wandering is a 21×31″ abstract woodblock print. It was carved in spring of 2019, when I had 3 month old twins and a 2 year old. The progress was slow, stealing tiny moments of time while all three children napped, or when just one was awake and able to join me on the carpet. When living with infants you become hyper aware of the passing of time, sometimes wishing for it to speed up, other times desperate to commit sweet moments – like the weight of them on your shoulder – to memory. The act of taking a simple gesture, made in fractions of a second, and then carving it so slowly over a matter of months is a way for me to expand time. Each carving session a meditation on a day that is a distant memory now but brought back to the surface when I take in the work.